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Ariana Grande from the Metaverse. A gramophone from the Metaverse.

Let's build the
Metaverse together.

We create dynamic brand experiences and deliver millions of players across the metaverse.

Authentic. Relevant. Meaningful
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We were nominated for the
first ever MTV metaverse VMA

Dubit created the CharliXCX concert and the Samsung world in Roblox - and the concert was so good we were nominated for a Metaverse Video Music Award!

Our events for The Brits, the Grammy’s and Nickelodeon’s Kids Choice Awards attract millions of viewers.

Roblox for Brands Report

Our global trends data highlighted the fast growth of Roblox over two years ago, prompting us to drill down into the platform and create our first report, heralding the arrival of the metaverse.

As a primer for brands and organisations wanting to learn more, this still stands as the most comprehensive account of the Roblox opportunity.

Stats text saying that Over Half of all US kids aged 9 to 12 play on Roblox, in front of an American flag.


Nickverse is Nickelodeon’s answer to the metaverse

We loved creating the first Metaverse destination for fans of Nickelodeon, Spongebob and other great brands from the Paramount catalogue.

From orange Zeppelins to gunge guns, this is the new TV channel for kids.


The Roblox game that hosted the
UEFA women's euro cup champions

What a tournament! Not just on the pitch, but online in Roblox, players can meet the mascots, take part in challenges, and win prizes in an eSports finale that introduced the world to the drama of women’s football.

Partner with our network of games

  1. Sponsor games

  2. Promote your game

  3. Sponsor live events

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18 million + Kickers branded
items worn in-game in 4 weeks

Not every brand needs its very own game. For a campaign or short term activation, Dubit has a network of over 100 games across the Metaverse that attract over 1.2 billion monthly plays.

We can help you integrate your brand into existing games that will deliver massive audiences for your campaign.

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We Deliver players to your game

We can drive players from our game network into your experience from our Metaverse Game Network for a specific launch period or to keep your traffic popping.

Our in-house portal technology and SDK is deployed by over 70 developer partners in their games, which act as a hyperlink to your own experience.

Only 2 weeks ago we passed 4 million visits to our cozmo and friends roblox game, and now we’ve smashed 6.2 million.

Jo Redfern — Cozmo and Friends Brand Manager
Metaverse game network. Metaverse game network.


The First Weekly E-Sports League
in The Metaverse–MGL

We’ve recreated Saturday morning must-watch-TV for the Metaverse! Every week we host new games and new sponsors and drive thousands of players into fun-packed interactive shows where anyone can win big!

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